Exceptional food, prepared to suit you personally. 
Ingredients are sourced from small, independent suppliers who live and breathe quality.


Chicken Wings, Bourbon £5


Gougeres and Cheddar £5


Lamb Belly,Miso Glaze £5







Cauliflower Salad, Curry, Pinenuts £8.50

Cornish Mackerel, Beetroot, Fennel £11.00

Smoked Eel, Green Grape, Walnut, Celery £12.50

Beef Tartare, Burford Brown, Horseradish £13.50

Fresh Crab, Bisque, Lardo, Aplle £18.50




Wild Mushrooms Tagliatelle,Belper Knolle £18.50

Hake, Courgette, Black Olive, Basil £21.00

Berkshire Partridge, Celeriac, Apple, Dauphinois £23.50

Cornish Cod,Montgomery Crust, Corn, Bacon, Clams

Merrifield Farm Duck, Quince, Turnip, Pain D’Epice £28.50



White Chocolate Cheesecake, Passion Fruit £8.00

Apple Tart Fine, Vanilla ice Cream £8.50

Baked Alaska, Blackberry £9.50

Chocolate Cremeux, Stout, Caramel £10.00

Chocolate Ice Cream with a Glass of Madeira Malmsey £10

Blue Cheese  with a Glass of Sauternes 2007 £13.50

Comte Cheese with a Glass of Savagnin, jura 2011             £ 14.50

Cheese, Chutney, Biscuits £4.5 for One Cheese, £7.50 for Two Cheeses £10.50 for Three Cheeses, £12 for Four Cheeses