Mathieu Germond, former co-owner and restaurant manager of Pied à Terre restaurant, has lauched his new restaurant. His aim is to bring a French, rustic and convivial atmosphere to London’s Fitzrovia.

Mathieu was brought up in the Loire Valley region in France. His grandparents ran a farm in the  tiny village of Noizé. His formative years were filled with what he learnt during that time, developing his love of wine and the sheer pleasure of sharing food around a table. Mathieu hopes to create some of these sensations, tastes and experiences in the new restaurant.

Noizé comprises of an upper level restaurant, downstairs is a bar area, with a more informal dining area and private dining for up to eight clients.

The menu features seasonal dishes, bold combinations served in a straightforward but elegant style. Given Mathieu’s vast knowledge of wine and sommelier at Pied à Terre, the wine list is broad, expressive and creative, with featured combinations and tastings. Customers are also encouraged to bring their own wines where they will be tended and prepared according to their requirement, for a small corkage fee.

The kitchen is lead by Ed Dutton who has worked with Pied à Terre and Pied Nus, as well as working at Foliage and Tom Aikens’ restaurant. 

Ed and Mathieu encourage interaction with their customers and will happily devise a menu to suit any requirements, to match your chosen wines or for any occasion. 

Restaurateur David Moore, owner of Pied à Terre and previous restaurants L’Autre Pied and Pied Nus, has worked with Mathieu on developing Mathieu’s concept.